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Faculty and staff version of YOU@CSU brings confidential well-being resources to employees

A confidential resource, YOU@CSU is an online portal that now connects both students and employees to resources, advice, and skill-building for well-being and health. The new employee version launched last week and provides CSU faculty and staff with both personal and career resources. It can be accessed at

CSU Resources

Student Mental Health and Well-Being Support Resources

Employee Mental Health and Well-Being Resources

CSU Animal Support Resources

 Tell Someone – If you are concerned about safety or mental healthyour own or someone else’s, please call (970) 491-1350 or complete the online referral form. Campus Safety – Provides the campus safety information, resources and trainings.

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Have Additional Resources?


While CSU aims to include as many health-related resources as possible, we are aware this is not a comprehensive list. To request your unit or program to be added, email us at with your unit / program name and a brief statement about how it fits with this year’s theme of health.